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UK Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker at InterPoker

Omaha Poker at InterPoker

The game of Omaha Poker is quite similar to the popular game of Texas Hold 'Em Poker and in this poker variant all players sat around the poker table are dealt four cards and are then tasked with making the best ranked poker hand using exactly two of them, plus exactly three of the five community cards that have been dealt out by the Dealer into the center of the poker table.

The game is quite tactical and very strategic and many poker players prefer this game over any other. Keep on reading to find out much more about this great Poker variant and where you can play it online.

Above you can see an image of the real money Omaha Poker table at InterPoker, to view what it looks like in full size simply give the image a click.

How to Play Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker at Party Poker

Omaha Poker at Party Poker

If you have never played Omaha Poker before and are seeking a great online poker site at which to try it out then don't forget that our fully approved Poker site that is Party Poker have plenty of real money and free to play tables available 24 hours a day.

On the left hand side you can see one of their Omaha Poker games in full flow, to view it in full size mode simply give the image a click.

The game of Omaha Poker is played with all players taking it in turn to be the Dealer, on online tables the current dealer will usually have some form of marker against their name to indicate that they are the current Dealer. Once each game has finished then it is the turn of the person sat on the left of the current Dealer to become the new Dealer.

Before a game begins and any of the cards are dealt, the Omaha rules state that players must place what is called a Small and Big Blind Bet into the center of the Omaha Poker table. The player who happens to be sitting to the left of the Dealer has to place what is called the Small Blind Bet and then next, the player to his or her left must double the Small Blind Bet and place this wager into the pot this wager is called the Big Blind Bet.

The Dealer will then deal out to each player in the game the Pocket cards these are four cards dealt face down to every player.

What follows next is the first Betting Round, the player who is sat to the left of the player who bet the Big Blind is tasked with opening this betting round and then this betting will continue clockwise until every other player sat at the table has made their betting choice, they can opt to either fold their cards, call or raise the Big Blind Bet.

The Dealer, once the above betting moves have all been made by the players, has to deal out the Flop Cards, and these are simply three cards, face up, placed at the center of the table. The Flop cards are also known as community cards and all of the players are free to use them to help them complete their poker hand.

Next follows the second betting round and this follows the same structure as first, but the betting starts from the player seated to the left of the Dealer, once all betting decisions have been made the Dealer will deal out into the center of the poker table what is termed the Turn Card, which is simply the fourth community card.

What follows is another round of betting and then the Dealer has to deal the fifth and final community card, this is known as the the River Card and this is followed by a final betting round.

Next is the final phase of the game of Omaha Poker known as the Showdown, and this is where each player shows his best five card hand. The player with the best hand using exactly two of their pocket cards, plus exactly three of the five community cards will win the entire pot.

Omaha High Low Poker

There is another variant of Omaha Poker which is known as High Low Omaha, this game has the same game play structure and better rounds, but at the showdown part of the game the pot is split equally between the two hands that have, 1. The lowest ranked poker hand and, 2. The highest ranked poker hand.

Poker Games

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Omaha Poker - When playing Omaha Poker your objective is to end the game with the best 5 card hand using two out of your four dealt pocket cards along with three out of five community cards.

Omaha Hi-Lo Poker - The objective of the game of Omaha Hi-Lo Poker is identical too Omaha Poker but at the end of the game the pot will be shared between both the highest and lowest ranking hands.

Seven Card Stud Poker - This variant of poker is played with a fixed betting limit in each round.

Five Card Draw One of the all time classic poker games that is easy to play and even easier to master.

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