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Tournaments are an excellent way for you to get a lot of play for your money. Normally for a small buy in fee you get given a larger amount of money to play with in the tournament. The aim is to then use that money to rank in a winning position within the tournament, this is done by increasing the amount of money you have been given to play with. Although tournaments are relatively new they are already very popular, see the table below for an overview of the types of tournaments available at the casinos reviewed on this site and click the tourny info buttons to find out the details about that tournaments at a specific casino.

    Free Scheduled Promos Sit & Go Wagers    

Free - Indicates that there are free casino tournaments available, allowing you free entry to the tournaments and getting you money to play with, also you could still win real money for finishing in a ranked position. It is worth noting that normally you can get free entry in to other tournaments by using your casino loyalty points and entry in to tournaments can be won in other tournaments as prizes.

Scheduled - Although all tournaments are scheduled we refer to scheduled tournaments as tournaments that run hourly or daily. Tournaments normally run on schedules and players normally have to register / sign up to take part in the tournament.

Promotional (Promos) - Weekly and monthly tournaments are what we call promotional tournaments and can be the same tournament replaying each week or month and can change from week to week or month to month.

Sit & Go - These are normally small tournaments usually with a maximum of 5 players with 2 winners at the end, meaning the players in these tournaments all have a very good chance of winning due to the small number of players to compete against.

Who Wagers (Wagers) - These are a bit of an acception as normally there will not be an entry fee and you will not be given a large pot to play with, instead if you play in a certain game in the period of time stated and wager the most amount of money in that period of time then you will win the tournament. Again there are acceptions on this depending on which casino you play at, the tournament could include one or more game, one or more type of game and like most other tournaments the number of winners can vary. You could even be included in a who wagers casino tournament without even knowing it, simply because the game you choose to play is the tournament game.


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