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Online Gambling Glossary

There are many terms used by online casino that can be confusing at first, here we will list these different terms and give a short description of what they mean. If you are looking for the meaning of a term that isn't listed below please contact us and we will add it to the list to help others that visit our site.

This is how much a player wagers in on session at the casino.

Aggregate Limit
Is the total payout limit for a single game at a casino.

Aggregate Winnings
Is the total amount of winnings a player has won at the casino.

This is a pre-wager bet that is required before cards (hands) are dealt in some card games.

The banker is also know as the dealer when referred to at a table however when in the casino lobby the banker is where you can make deposits.

This refers to the amount of money a player has available to play with (wager) at the casino.

Brick or Mortar also known as BUM
Refers to a land based casino.

Is the term commonly used for a $100 wager.

Can mean a problem in the casino software, meaning it is doing something it shouldn't.

Burn cards
This is when the dealer removes a card from the top of the deck and removes it from play. This is done in an attempt to stop cheating.

Buy In
This refers to the amount of money or chips needed to join a game. Depending on the casino this could mean you pay to join the game and get chips worth more than the buy in amount or the same value as the buy in amount.

Card Sharp
Is the term used for a skillful card player that uses skill and deception to win at card games.

Casino Advantage
Also know as the house edge is the advantage that the casino has over the players and is normally shown as a payout ratio percentage.

Is when a player is down in their winnings and is trying to recover their winnings.

Relates to a player that is loosing or a game that is not paying out.

These are complimentary gifts given out by the casinos, online casinos use loyalty schemes, cashback bonuses, and other bonuses to attract more players.

When playing online your available funds will be referred to as credits.

Is a posh word for a dealer.

Is when a player transfers more money into their casino account so that they have more funds to play with.

Dime Bet
Is a wager of $1,000.

Is the non-profit organisation that oversees fair gambling online. e-CORGRA stands for E-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance.

Is the process of turning data into special encrypted code in order to make it safe for transferring across the internet. This ensures your personal data is safe and secure when it is sent backwards and forwards between you and the casino.

Exclusive Bonus
Is when a site negotiates a deal with the casino that allows them to offer better bonus deals to players that is normally better than the deal the casino themselves are offering.

Expected win rate
Is a percentage of total wages that a player expects to win.

Gambler's Anonymous (GA)
Is a support group for people that have gambling problems.

High Roller
Is the name for players that wager large amounts of money at the casinos.

Is another name for the online casino or a land base casino.

House Edge
This is the advantage a casino has over the players shown as a percentage.

Load up
Is when a player plays the maximum amount possible in a game.

This is the area of the online casino that shows you all the games available and provides more information about tournaments, loyalty scheme, and allows you to access the banker.

Match Bonus
This is a bonus were the casino will match a deposit that the player makes, normally there is a limit how much the casino will match up to.

Multi-Player Casino
Is a casino that allows you to play against other players rather than just against the casino.

No-Deposit Bonus
This is a bonus were the casino will give players money in their accounts for free, normally this is for new players signing up to the casino and the money normally has to be wagered a set amount of times before it can be withdrawn from the players account.

Non-negotiable Chips
These are chips that are normally won in tournaments or promotions that can't be withdrawn but can only be played at the casino.

Refers to the ratio of probability of a player winning.

Reload Bonus
This is a bonus for existing players and rewards them for re-depositing into their accounts.

Random Number Generation is the process used to make sure the casino's are fair and the play is 100% random.

Scared Money
Is the money gambled by a player that can't afford to loose the money they are playing with.

Sign-up Bonus
Is a bonus for new players signing up to the casino and normally comes in the form of a Match Bonus and / or No Deposit Bonus.

Very Important Person or player at the casino.

Wagering Requirements
This is the terms and conditions imposed on the bonuses awarded by casinos, such as the amount of times bonus money has to be wagered before it can be withdrawn from the casino.

Web Wallet
Is a term for online payment methods that can be used to make deposits at the casino.

Welcome Bonus
The welcome bonus could be the Match Bonus, the No Deposit Bonus and / or Sign-up Bonus for new players being welcomed to the site.

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