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UK Online Roulette

When playing Roulette online you have many different versions to choose from including European, American and French Roulette, along with many variations based on these versions there are also progressive Roulette games that allow you to win bigger jackpots.

American Wheel at Betfair

American Roulette Wheel at Intercasino

All Roulette games are classed as table games which have the Roulette wheel at the centre of the game play. Roulette can be played for free or for real money at all casinos listed on this site, with these online casinos you get the benefit of playing the games you love in the comfort of your own home and there is no need to worry about travel expenses or parking costs etc...

The Roulette Wheel to the left is from the American Roulette game at Betfair which can be played instantly online or played after downloading the casino.

All of the online casinos listed on our site only carry out transactions through the securest channels directly in and out of your bank account or via some other secure online payment system such as Neteller.

As you browse through the selection of games on the internet, in the online casinos you will find that there are a lot of different variations of each game, that is something you wouldn't get at many live casinos, there are also features in the online casino games that are not possible in a live casino, like the auto play feature, where you can set the strategy that you want to play and the system will automatically play on your behalf sticking to the rules you have provided. Some online games allow you to set the speed of the game as well, so if you want the wheel to spin quicker to reveal the winning number faster this can be configured, obviously this is something that can't be done in a live land based casino.

3 Wheel Roulette from Betfair

3 Wheel Roulette at Inter Casino

A nice variation and example of another feature probably not available in live casinos is the 3 Wheel Roulette game that can be found at Betfair. 3 Wheel Roulette allows you to bet on 1 number across 3 different wheels. Each set of numbers on the wheel spins independently from each other with them all stopping at different times.

The image to the right shows the wheel from 3 Wheel Roulette at Betfair, this game can be played in free practice mode as well as real money mode and there is no download required!

How to Play Roulette Online

There are not many rules for online Roulette, bets are placed by placing chips on to the Roulette table in an area known as the layout, players bet on one number, a selection of numbers or colour of where the ball will land on the Roulette wheel to win. The Roulette wheel is spun in one direction and a white ball is spun around the outside of the wheel in the opposite direction. As the ball slows "No more bets!" is called by the croupier, it falls towards the centre of the wheel where it lands in a slot in a tiled track with a corresponding number which reveals the winners. The croupier marks on the layout the winning number by placing "the dolly" on the winning number. The croupier also known as the dealer is responsible for spinning the wheel and the spinning of the ball along with collecting all loosing bets and paying out to all winning players.

When playing Roulette you have a few options when it comes to betting. Bets can be placed as an inside bet or an outside bet which can also be called inside stake or outside stake.

Inside Stake: Tend to have bigger payouts however the odds on winning are less.
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Straight-up: is when a player bets on a single number, placing their chip / chips directly on the number.

Street: is when a player bets on a row of 3 numbers, placing their chip / chips on the line at the edge of the row for the 3 numbers.

Corner (or Square): is when a player bets on 4 numbers that are all next to each other in a square by placing their chip / chips in the middle of the 4 numbers where the lines cross.

Six Line: is when a player bets on two streets at the same time, placing their chip / chips between the two lines still at the edge of the two rows.

Trio: is when a player bets on 3 numbers. 0, 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3 when playing on a European table or 0, 1 and 2 or 00, 2 and 3 when playing on an American table.

Outside Stake: Tend to have smaller payouts however the odds on winning are better.

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1 to 18: is when a player bets on the first eighteen numbers on the wheel to win.

19 to 36: is when the player bets on the last eighteen numbers on the wheel to win.

Red or Black: is when the player bets on which colour on the wheel will win.

Dozen Bets: is when the player bets on a block of 12 numbers at a time 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

Column Bets: is when the player bets on 12 numbers that are in a line / column, chips are placed at the bottom of the column.

Roulette Strategies & Betting Systems

Many players use betting systems and seek the perfect Roulette strategy in order to beat the casino and win. Really these strategies are a way of trying increase your probability of winning at the Roulette table and obviously they are frowned upon by the casinos. Minimum and maximum table limits is one measure that has been put in place by the casinos to try and combat the use of betting systems however it is impossible to cheat in online Roulette as there is no way to tamper with the wheel etc...

There are many Roulette systems and strategies out there like the Martingale system which is based on a betting pattern (double up your bet) and the payout rate in order to try and ensure when you win, you win more than you have bet. Although you will find many tips for Roulette it is ultimately a game based on luck.

Roulette Odds

Roulette payout odds for each type of bet is based on the probability of the bet winning. Here is an example of the odds in American Roulette.

1 to 1 payouts are paid when a player has bet on one of the following:

• Odd numbers to win • Red to win • First 18 to win
• Even numbers to win • Black to win • Last 18 to win

2 to 1 payouts are paid when a player has bet on one of the following:

• 1st column of 12 numbers • First set of 12 numbers 1 - 12
• 2nd column of 12 numbers • Second set of 12 numbers 13-24
• 3rd column of 12 numbers • Third set of 12 numbers 25 -36

5 to 1 payouts are paid when the player has bet on 6 numbers by betting on two streets next to each other and the winning number is one of the numbers in that block of 6.

6 to 1 payouts are paid when the player has bet on a trio.

8 to 1 payouts are paid when the player has bet on 4 numbers in a block or square next to each other by putting their chips on the lines crossing between the 4 numbers.

11 to 1 payouts are paid when the player has bet on the winning street.

Roulette Payout Table from Virgin Casino

Image shows layout from a Casino Cruise Roulette game.

17 to 1 payouts are paid when the player has bet on any 2 numbers joined vertically or horizontally or the 0's row.

35 to 1 payouts are paid when the player has bet on a single winning number, 0 or 00.

Roulette Table and Wheel

The actual layout of the Roulette table changes between the different variations of Roulette. The European and French style or Roulette has one 0 on the wheel and an American style Roulette table has a 0 and double zero on the wheel, the layout also reflects this change so that players can bet accordingly.

European and American Roulette tables have the wheel at one end of the table where as a French Roulette table has the wheel in the centre of the table however these are normally only found in Monte Carlo and is very rare to be found in online Roulette as the wheel is normally at one end of the table / layout regardless of having a French layout or an European / American layout.

The Roulette wheel decides the outcome of all the bets, as mentioned above, online there are different variations and many of these variations are focused on the wheel, you would be very unlikely to see these variations in live casinos and especially not all together in one casino like you do in an online casino.

Double Bonus Spin at Casino Cruise

Double Bonus Spin Roulette at Casino Cruise

Double Bonus Spin Roulette is another online variation were by there is an extra wide bonus slot which activates the bonus 2x free spin feature of the game, allowing the player to have 2 free spins at the same bet amount, betting on the same number selections of the spin that activate the bonus spins. You can also bet on the Bonus slot as if it was another number and it pays 12 to 1. Both free spins are played at the same time not using the normal white ball however with yellow digital markers that each rotate independently and randomly stop on a number each.

This screen shot shows the Double Bonus Spin Roulette wheel from Casino Cruise with the Bonus slot shown as the yellow slot.

Play Free Roulette and Real Money Roulette

All casinos reviewed on this site allow you to play free Roulette by playing in fun / practice mode and also let you play for real money, here is a quick list of the casinos with a few of the Roulette games that they offer.

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• American Roulette • Live Roulette

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• Live Dealer Roulette • Roulette Pro

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• American Roulette • European Roulette
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