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UK Online Keno

The game of Keno is not really a well known game in the UK, however it can be found in virtually every land based casino and every online, Internet casino.

Keno is much like bingo, lottery or lotto style game, however there are a few main differences, firstly the game is played via a video screen and when playing Keno online or offline you get to pick your own numbers from 1 to 80, the more numbers you pick the better the payout odds will be. If you are wondering how to win at Keno, then there is no real system to playing as the numbers drawn are totally random, but many players find the best numbers to play keno are their lucky numbers of friends or family members birth dates!

We have dedicated this section of the website to showing you how to play Keno, where you can play real Keno online and we will also give you a few Keno hints and tips.

How to Play Keno

Keno at Casino Cruise

Keno at JackpotCity Casino

Once you have launched the Keno game from the casino game menu you simply have to decide at what stakes you wish to play the game at, Casino Cruise have minimum stakes of just 1 per game up to a maximum stake of 10 per game.

You next have to simply choose how many numbers you wish to play in that particular game, you can choose from one to fifteen numbers from the eighty available and depending on how many you pick a new paytable will come into force.

The above image is the Keno game as found at our featured Keno site that is Casino Cruise. They offer both a no download and fully downloadable internet casino and have over 350 casino games available to play for free or for real money.

Keno Strategies and Betting Systems

There are several different Keno strategies that can be put into place when playing, and one is to keep the total of numbers you pick to an absolute minimum. This gives you a better chance of a return as the more numbers you pick the higher the odds and lower the chances become of you hitting all of them.

Another good strategy is to try and play for level stakes, often players will raise their stake levels when they win, and this can often lead to them busting out their bankroll, so never get greedy when you are playing.

Casinos often permit you to play Keno with their welcome bonuses, so if you are looking for maximum value, and a slow relaxed gaming style then Keno is the game for you.

Keno Odds

Casino Cruise King Keno

King Keno at Casino Cruise

The Keno odds vary depending on how many numbers you choose and how many of them hit. Never get blinded by the bigger odds, the more numbers you pick the less likely the chances of them all coming up are!

The image on the right is the current Keno odds available at Casino Cruise on their King Keno game, simply give it a click to view the full sized image.

Play Free Keno and Real Money Keno Games

Take a look at the reviewed casinos part of our website, where you will find details of all of our recommended online casino where you can play all manner of Keno games for free or for real money.

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