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UK Online Blackjack

Hot Streak Bonus at Casino Cruise

Hot Streak Bonus at Casino Cruise

Playing Blackjack online allows you to take advantage of the many different variations of the game as there is a wide range to choose from. The aim is still to get a hand that adds up to 21 without going over, however there are many different side bets / bonuses that you can opt to play such as in Hot Streak Bonus Blackjack from Casino Cruise, where by as you win your side bet moves up the bonus ladder therefore you get a bigger bonus when you win your next hand. You also get a choice of how many decks you want to play with, how many hands you want to play at once which is normally a choice of 1 to 5.

Blackjack has also been known as Pontoon, Twenty-one and Vingt-et-un (French for Twenty-one), all of which can be found in the online casinos. Depending on the game and online casino that you play at, there will be different betting limits for the games, giving you the choice to bet big or bet small to suite your betting strategy. You have probably gathered by now that online Blackjack has many advantages over Blackjack in live casinos and this is without mentioning all the auto play systems that are available online. Blackjack can also be played for free in practice mode or for real money, online casinos also give you the option to download their casino and play or use the no download instant play option on their site.

When playing Blackjack online there are auto play options that allows you to setup a custom strategy card by customising the basic strategy card provided or you can just stick with the basic strategy card, you can then set how quick you want the game to play and how many hands you want to play along with many other options. Once you have configured all the options you can start the auto play system and it will automatically play on your behalf following all the options you have set.

How to Play Blackjack Online

Betting Box at Betfair

Atlantic City Blackjack at InterCasino

Blackjack is played on a kidney-shaped table and all players play against the casinos dealer. In online Blackjack you can play one hand against the casino or you can play multiple hands against the casino. Play begins with the player placing a bet, this is done by the player placing their chip or chips on to the table into an area called the betting box.


Above you can see an image of a betting box from an Atlantic Blackjack game.

Once bets have been made the dealer then deals two cards to the players that have placed bets and two cards to them self, one of the dealers cards will face up which is called the up card and the other will be facing down which is called the hole card. There are a few variations to this, for example in European Blackjack the dealers hole card would not be dealt until the player has played their hand.

When the cards have been dealt the dealer checks their hole card to see if they have Blackjack. If the dealers up card is an ace, in some versions of online Blackjack the player is offered the opportunity to pay insurance, which is a side bet that is normally up to half the original bet, the insurance bet normally pays 2 to 1. Meaning if the dealer does have Blackjack, the player loses their original bet and the winnings of the insurance bet makes up for the lose of the original bet. If the player already has Blackjack with their first two cards then insurance bet is not needed as both dealer and player having Blackjack with their first two cards would result in a draw, also known as a push and no bets would be lost or won.

If the dealer has Blackjack but doesn't have an ace facing up then the dealer wins and all bets are lost unless the player also has Blackjack with their initial 2 cards.

After the checking of the dealers cards and insurance bets have been paid or not, the player can then play their hand. At this point the player has a few options:

Hit: Is when the player asks for another card from the Dealer to try and increase the value of the cards in their hand. The player is allowed as many hits as they want as long as the total of the card value doesn't go over 21, as this would result in the player going "bust". Once the player has called Stand they are no longer allowed to opt for anymore hits.

Stand: When the player is happy with the card value dealt to them they opt to stand or stick which means no more cards are dealt to them and they wait for all other players to play their hands and then wait for the dealer to play the dealers hand to see if they win. If playing multi hand Blackjack on the internet the player would play their next hand until they have played all of their hands.

Double Down: This option is only available to the player once in a round and is just after they have received their first two cards, they have the option to double their bet in exchange for just 1 more card from the dealer. Depending on the house / table rules you may or may not be allowed to Double Down after Splitting a pair or request a Hit after they have opted to Double Down.

Split a Pair: When the player has two cards (the first two dealt to them) that are of the same value they have the option to split the cards to make 2 hands, upon doing this they are required to place another bet for the newly created hand that is of equal value of the bet for the original hand. Once this has been done the player then plays each hand separately.

Surrender: Sometimes there is another option available to the player which is called surrendering. This option is available after the dealer checks for blackjack and allows the player to reclaim half of their bet and not play the hand dealt to them.

When the player is happy with the total value of their cards and no longer wants to hit they opt to stand, as long as they have not gone bust by going over 21 the dealer then plays their hand. If the player has gone bust, then what ever value the dealer has with their first two cards wins, however if the player has not gone bust, then the dealer has to play their hand according to the rules marked on the table and end up with a higher total value of cards than the player without going bust to win.

The Dealer has to follow the rules on the table when playing their hand. Typically this states that the dealer must Hit on anything under 16 and must stand on 17 or over. There are two slight variations on this rule, Dealer stands on all 17's (hard or soft), Dealer must hit on soft 17 and stand on hard 17.

Note: Hard 17 is when the dealer or player has 17 made up out of the first two cards dealt to them. Soft 17 is when the dealer or player has 17 made up of 3 or more cards.

After the dealer has played their hand without going bust the person with the higher total value of cards win, if either the dealer or player has gone bust then the other wins.

Online Blackjack Rules and Tips

Blackjack Rules at Betfair

European Blackjack Rules at InterCasino

The rules of Blackjack are pretty easy to pick up, most of them will be written on the table in live casinos and in online Blackjack games it is normally also written on the table and in a section that is labeled rules. Although the basic rules have been covered in the how to play Blackjack section of this page, when playing Blackjack online there can be variations on them rules such as aces can only be split once, split 3 times to make 4 hands, a split ace and a 10 counts as 21 and not Blackjack, early surrender is allowed but not on dealer ace. These are a few rules that you will come across while playing online and each game will have slightly different rules, what one game will allow another may not. It is always advisable to read the rules of the table you choose to play at before you start playing.

Tip: Card counting while playing Blackjack online is a pointless exercise as you never know when the cards are shuffled, many systems re-shuffle the full pack before each hand is played, also the cards are randomly generated just like they are dealt randomly in a live casino there will be no pattern to the order of the cards being dealt when playing online.

Lots of players are always looking out for Blackjack tips and many players are happy to hand out their Blackjack tips to their fellow players however you will pick up your own tips as you play, the best tip would be to use a basic Blackjack strategy card first of all and then build from there. Online Blackjack odds are good to start off with however sticking to the Blackjack basic strategy card will help increase the odds and give the house less of an edge.

Blackjack Strategy and Betting Systems

Blackjack Strategy Card

If you are looking for the answer to the question "How to Win at Blackjack", unfortunately you will be looking for a while as there isn't one straight answer to this question. Blackjack is a game that gives the player options therefore there are a lot of different strategies and wagering / betting systems that can help with how to win at Blackjack. A Blackjack strategy chart or a Blackjack strategy card as it is also known, shows the optimum options the player should make at any given point in the game to give better odds of winning and reduce the casinos advantage.

To the right is the basic strategy card from a european Blackjack game. You should remember that a strategy card will vary depending on a number of different variables.

Play Free Online Blackjack and Real Money Blackjack Games

The casino reviewed on this site allow you to play Blackjack for free and for real money, they also allow you to play on an instant no download version so that you don't have to download the casino software to your computer.

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