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UK Online Baccarat

Baccarat at InterCasino

Baccarat at InterCasino

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino card games in existence, and it is still one of the most popular games found in most online and land based casinos.

The reason it is so popular is that it is very easy to play, in fact you simply have to decide on three possible betting options, and also winning streaks are common place due to the structure of the game, so great fortunes can be both won and lost on the game.

This variant of Baccarat is the Mini Baccarat game which has a much quicker game play and it has a minimum stake of just 1 and a maximum stake of 1000 so both low and high rollers are accommodated.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Online Baccarat is also available to play at Casino Cruise, and being an instant play online casino you will be able to try it in free play mode or real money mode at the click of a mouse, with no software to download.

The beauty of playing online is that you won't have any of the hustle and bustle that can often surround a Baccarat table and more importantly play at your own steady pace.

Baccarat is very simple to play and with a bit of practice you can soon master the game play rules, and we shall now take a closer look at how to play it and show you the odds and strategies involved.

Mini Baccarat is another variant of the standard Baccarat game, it is played in the same way the only difference is it is played on a smaller table thus enabling a much faster game play.

Betting Box at Casino Cruise

Baccarat at Casino Cruise

When playing online Baccarat you will see, directly in front of you on the Baccarat Table, three betting circles, these are labeled as either the Tie, the Player or the Banker, that's it!

The aim of this gambling game is to simply predict whether you think the Players or the Dealers hand will finish the game closer to a total of nine, or that the game will end in a tied hand.


The above image is shows betting circles on the Baccarat table as found at Casino Cruise, simply give the image above a click to view the full sized image. Remember they offer a no download internet casino so you have no software to download.

Casino Cruise High Limit Baccarat

Baccarat at Casino Cruise

Casino Cruise have two versions of Baccarat the first is their Standard game which offers players a minimum stake of just 1 and a maximum stake of 500, or should you be a high rolling internet Baccarat player then why not checkout their High Stakes Baccarat game which has a maximum table stake of 2500.

You can learn to play Baccarat in seconds and once you have made your betting choice by clicking your chips onto the Baccarat tables' betting positions the game will commence.

Baccarat Rules

Once you have placed your wager and clicked the Deal button then the Dealer will deal out the cards, the Player is always dealt their first card before the Banker.

Two cards in total will be dealt to both the Player and the Banker and the total will be added up, should the Bankers hand total Five or less then he will be dealt a third card, this rule also applies to the Players first two cards, and should he have Five in total or less then the Player receives a third card.

The winning payout odds are as follows; A winning Banker Bet pays Even money less a 5% House commission, a winning Player Bet pays Even Money, a winning Tie Bet pays out as odds of 8 to 1, however the tied bet can often have different odds depending where you play.

It is worth pointing out that you can play more than one betting position in each game should you wish to do so. You cannot go bust in Baccarat as any total over 9 is expressed as a single digit with the first digit being removed, I.E. Ten is Zero, Eleven is One, Twelve is Two and so on.

Baccarat Card Values

The following card values will be in play at all times; An Ace is worth a value of One, the Jack, Queen, King and Ten are all valued at Zero, and all remaining cards in the deck are worth their face values.

Baccarat Strategy and Betting Systems

Due to the nature of the game play rules, you should never get blinded by the odds offered on the Tied Bet, it doesn't payout at odds of 8 to 1 for no reason, Ties are frequent but no where as near as regular as both the Bankers and Players winning bet.

One good tip is to try and keep your eyes open for winning streaks, these happen very often in Baccarat, and once you have had a winning hand appear consecutively then maybe you should consider slowly raising your stakes and riding the streak.

Another good strategy is to set yourself a winning goal and conversely a stop loss limit, try and aim for a winning session that increases your bankroll by 50%, or stop playing if you lose 50% of your bankroll.

If you want one very good Baccarat tip then you should always sign up to the casinos' comp club before you start to play for real money, due to the volatile nature of the game you can and do very quickly amass comp points when you find yourself on a winning streak and this can quickly add up to plenty of free additional money. A comp club is similar to a loyalty scheme whereby you earn point on every real money wager made.

Play Free Online Baccarat and Real Money Baccarat Games

Make sure you visit our section on reviewed casinos as this will enlighten you on where you can play Baccarat online along with information on the current new players bonuses that are up for grabs at each particular site.

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